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    Strong market competitiveness
    Founded in 09, self built plant of 30000 square meters, covers an area of 50 acres. We will expand the scale of investment in high-grade wine packaging and food packaging production lines with an annual output of 60 million.
    We are a variety of paper packaging design, printing, typesetting as one of the packaging and printing company, a full range of enterprises to provide quality packaging and printing services.
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    Complete professional equipment can be customized
    Have a professional printing machine equipment and automatic paper packaging equipment, to develop their own sophisticated technical personnel and professional team.
    According to the different needs of customers, to provide customers with exclusive customized services, highlighting the customer's brand image and comprehensive strength.
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    It's good to be recognized all walks of life service
    Pre sales team, to provide business consulting, efficient communication to ensure the quality of service.
    Have a professional logistics team, able to respond to supply, timely delivery, to protect the interests of customers.
    Now with the local leading enterprises, listed companies, foreign companies have cooperation, and access to unanimous recognition.

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Company name: Anhui, Guangdong, long printing technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 15-1, Century Avenue, Huaiyuan Economic Development Zone, Anhui, Bengbu
Telephone: 0552-4128555/0552-8699333
Mobile: 13305522933
Fax: 0552-4126733
Zip code: 233400