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Base paper crazy price or will speed up transformation and upgrading of the industry

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Base paper crazy price or will speed up transformation and upgrading of the industry


At present, the industry's most popular topic is bound to is the base paper price rise up! A paper mill prices, downstream enterprise is jittery, suffering. The increase in the price of base paper market reshuffle behavior? Is currently a bubble economy artificially high prices? In the face of these problems may not be able to give the exact answer. But the current generated due to the increase in the price of base paper, a series of knock-on effect has appeared in paper enterprises and end products market, want to cut loss, may change the passive to active is on the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain manufacturer immediate priority.

 1, more horror than price is shortage of "paper"

Now the base paper price is on the one hand, on the other hand, many enterprises are facing the embarrassment of money can't buy paper, this is the paper industry has ever met. Fry a friend may recall happened a few years ago of money shortage time lead to the stock market for days thousands of strands of the wonders of drop stop, while the paper waste will bring the industry what terrible? Cannot be produced without base paper, cardboard, unable to produce the carton, customer orders will not be able to make sure they do, the resulting is a direct result of the enterprise production gradually, finally collapse.

Analysts wrote, corrugated board paper industry demand in recent years gradually by exports, into relies mainly on the electricity needs of the business expansion, and expects the future demand gap of more than 2 million tons a year. The gap is not big, not this may also lead to increase in the price of base paper become the norm. Big companies affected by the relative is not so big, small and medium-sized enterprises may be because of the impact of these factors will be phased out. Therefore, also have the personage inside course of study thinks, the driven by market boom is probably a good thing.


2, "boom" or will promote transformation and upgrading of the industry

Despite the increase in the price of base paper for the negative impact of the enterprise is larger, but still have a lot of people in the industry are optimistic that this, among them there are some beneficial effects of base paper prices from another perspective and is also a new opportunity of industry consolidation.

On the one hand, the base paper price cost to further improve, the part can't digest cost pressure through other channels of the enterprise, or poorly run firms, bankruptcy, switch, etc will gradually withdraw from the market, the market gave way to competitive or development potential of the enterprise, ultimately achieve superior bad discard, integration of industry resources, that is market reshuffle. On the other hand, companies are under pressure to strengthen innovation ability, brand and quality, high technical content of the enterprise will develop better and better.

In the long run, price competition will become the past, product and brand, technology innovation, management transformation is paper industry into the virtuous cycle path, increase in the price of base paper just put ahead at this stage. If the enterprise can realize to break under the pressure, there must be a scenes and takes time.

3, tools for tackling the base paper price

Raise the price of packaging products can only temporarily alleviate the pressure of the increases in the cost of record-keeping. If in a short period of time the price increase too fast, you will be with the terminal market expectations, resulting in securities without the consequences of a city. In rising costs become the norm of the present, the market present situation cannot be changed, paper enterprises may be more need to find a solution through myself.

❶ Lean production.Post-war Toyota lean production through the way of high quality and low consumption for production, quickly from the post-war recovery, and rise to become the world's largest auto maker. Later, this to eliminate invalid labor and waste, effective use of resources, reduce costs, improve quality, with the least amount of inputs to achieve the purpose of the maximum output mode of production was the world's major manufacturing a wide range of applications. Part of the paper, said an official with the enterprise lean transformation to help company to improve production efficiency and reduce raw and auxiliary materials, artificial waste of time, flattening the impact of rising costs.

❷The depth of the service.Most paper companies, said the value of the product needs to be done by sales success, terminal price will rise and the terminal market of consumer expectations, leading to poor sales. In price increases unavoidable situation, through training and other means to strengthen enterprise service consciousness, through interaction, advanced services such as way to enhance viscosity between the brand and the market, in the maintenance of the existing market at the same time, stimulate the potential market.

❸An alliance with upstream enterprises.Enterprise representatives, points out that as environmental protection requirements more and more strict, a batch of backward, non-standard base paper production supply chamber of commerce to be being washed out gradually, evolution may accelerate the process of the base paper prices. Paper companies in addition to the standardization, the production process, process link to the lean management, should also strengthen the company's internal procurement system of management, upstream paper mill with positive interaction, participation, cooperation and other ways, deeply involved in the development of the upstream paper mill, the upstream paper mill are in tune with the end user.

In addition, the optimism of the personage inside course of study thinks,The base paper price and country of strict control in the field of environmental protection and safety production, high quality, high price of the base paper and logistic service or will become the mainstream market, the change will speed up the speed of paper industry evolution, resource reconfiguration, high-quality resources concentrated in the hands of a strong enterprises or capital, the relations between and among supply, will return to normal value chain, paper industry will gradually speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading.

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