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Guangdong long printed fire drill collection, July 13, 2017

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Yuelong Printing Science and technology limited company to improve fire safety awareness of staff, enhance the ability of the staff in case of emergency, the self protection ability, so that each employee must master the knowledge of fire, eliminate fire hazards, to build a harmonious and beautiful production, in July 13, 2017 to conduct fire drills in the company, the director deputy general manager under the leadership of all staff positive response!


Through the leadership of the fire knowledge and the use of fire equipment popularization, all project staff safety awareness improved, fire safety knowledge has further understanding. The ability to respond to emergencies has been improved, and most of the employees at the drill site can effectively organize and quickly respond to the fire alarm, which will improve the response to emergencies in the future.


During the drill, the team cohesion of the staff has been sublimated. The organizing ability, command ability and emergency response ability of the emergency leadership team have also been trained. Basically achieve the purpose of fire drills.


The staff's security awareness plays a strong role in the emergency command, coordination and disposal, and lays a solid foundation for the efficient development of emergency work in the future.


At the end of the exercise zhangfuzong a brief summary: the fire drill reached the end, and called on everyone to work hard, fire safety knowledge, improve fire safety awareness, encountered a sudden accident, calmly, and the fire safety work to implement the actual work. Through this fire drill, we further strengthened Guangdong long printing


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